Transylvania by Night

Settling in to the new Lord

Em Hotep Blessed Keeper

It has been now 18 months since the destruction of the last true Cappadocian, and I am settling in to my new role well. Darius and Elvira both have proven themselves to be resourceful enough to make use of the information we have fed to them, yet not too wily to extract more out of it than desired – both useful and productive. As they should, they do not keep me in confidence, after all I am a new player on their chessboard. But I am certain they will come around.

Victor and Twopaws, by comparison, are less the leaders and more the enforcement of will for the group. While Darius and Elvira are both plotting, Victor and Twopaws ensure that their plots are turned into actions when needed. They may appear simpler, but in truth are complex minds who know their place within the framework of the team.

What i have noticed is that this coterie is quite astute. They do not relax, they do not indulge. Corrupting them is highly likely to fail, which means they are the perfect allies for us. After all, the corruptible are tools. As the Grand Master would say, it is only those able to overcome corruption who are to be seen as the friends of Set.

I do ponder about the history of this group however. I was notified that the coterie began as six, and while one has become isolated due to his indulgences, the story for the last one seems out of place. A Sabbat attack on her city is known to have happened, but no body, no claims of amarath or recruitment. Just, nothing.

Beyond this mystery, this coterie seems to have some incredible luck, being in the right place at the right time for key events of history. As such, my continued placement here will be of utmost utility to our aims. For when history smiles on a group so bright, the deeper the shadows from which to observe, and later strike.

Your faithful brother,



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