Transylvania by Night

Letter To Prince Hardestadt

Reaching out into the world

Honorable Prince Hardestadt
Prince of the Black Cross

Word had reached me of your efforts in the formation of a grand society of princes, and I wished to learn more of your ideas.

Allow me the kindness of introducing myself. I am Prince Malik of Sighisoara within the Siebenburgen, on the Council of Ashes. While the Council was suffering its first few years, my coterie and I have worked tirelessly to solidify our domains against all onslaught. This land has been a challenge to tame, but it has become relatively stable.

Now we have the concerns of the Inquisition, whose actions have caused my own kin such pain in recent times. The idea of a grand society, a stronger form of our own Council, would do well to help prevent such attacks in the future one would think.

The reason for my correspondence is to offer you my services. As I sit on the council, and have sway with several other members, I could help convey your ideas to my fellow princes, and to help sway them to a mutually beneficial cause.

I await your reply,

Prince Malik of Sighisoara, childe of Ashun, childe of Timothy, childe of Brigid, childe of Sabbato, childe of Troglodyta, childe of Unre, childe of Lazarus, childe of Cappadocius


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