Transylvania by Night

Letter to Maria from Malik

(hidden on Maria's clothing for discovery later)

To my sister Maria, may Allah find you in glory;

As you read this, I will have met the fate intended for you. These words are important, but not for others. To prevent observance in the off chance the traitors use spies on the other side of the shroud, I put these words to paper rather than say them aloud.

By now, you are the sole remaining pure member from the blood of Ashur remaining, but despair not, for our founder was a clever one. He foresaw this, and prepared for it. I played my role, but now the hopes for us all rests with you.

You are much younger than I, so I do not know if you are aware of the full scope of our clans history. Before I was embraced in darkness, we had three strongholds east of Byzantium. The traitors know of Erciyes and Derinkuyu, and have destroyed both. But the third, Kaymakli, they dare not enter for what Ashur did there.

You may have heard whispers of what is known as the Feast of Folly. In it, Ashur took 10,000 of us, and imprisoned them behind a curse he placed using his own blood – “No child of Seth may enter, no child of Caine may leave.” That seal remains in place, I have checked it myself. Those within have turned upon the most forbidden acts in order to survive. Several of us have also supplied them with the vitae needed, to help keep them as best we can. But, so long as the blood seal remains over the doorway, they may never leave.

Now you are the sole remaining member of the blood of Ashur. Your will is the bloods command. If I am right, you, and you alone, may wipe away the seal, and free our kin from within. By count last time I visited, that is a hundred or soul, with the power of 10,000 split between them.

Once free, you all must flee before the traitors discover your presence. My prodigy have hid among the new world, so I would recommend you travel there. I have arranged for passage. From Kaymakli travel to the port of Mersin, to the south. Once there, I have put my fortune to securing travel for all of you to the new world, where you may vanish until such time of your choosing.

You now carry with you the hope of us all my sister.

God be with you, and may the angels guide your footsteps.

Malik diMaag al Cappadocian, late Prince of Sighisoara


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