Transylvania by Night

How To Keep The Eldest

Is that an Antediluvian in your pocket?

The failure at having not prevented the death of the Eldest still burns me. While we had not always managed to complete our tasks to their fullest extent, this is the first true failure of mine. I have taken his ashes and stored them within the catacombs of the church being constructed near my haven, sanctified holy ground to protect them from those who would seek them out.

I cannot shake the feeling that the Eldest could not be taken down so swiftly as we witnessed.

Our foundation has been shaken but not destroyed. The rumors about what happened with Tzimisce will be flying, but I am laying low. No maneuvers, no manipulations, no letters, just silence. Those who come looking will be dealt with, but otherwise, nothing.

With her loss of position, I have extended an offer of haven within my domain to Elvira. It is quiet here, and also close enough to her power base to enable her machinations to continue while far enough away to prevent intrusion. I do not trust these circumstances here, and she is too valuable an ally, and too good a friend, to leave hanging as a loose end.

Victor’s continuing courtship with these anarchs is making me highly nervous. The problem with rebels is that they often times turn on their allies in some push for ideological purity. I do not want to see him get hurt by some eager neonate with a desire for his position. After all, look at what happened with Dragomir, who came to betray us. These type only gather to power with the goal to snuff it out.

My instinct is to gather, that we may be too spread out for effective protection. We are still stronger than those who seek to harm us, we just need to close ranks.


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