Transylvania by Night

Elvira's Letter to her sire

Hell hath no fury....

Greetings Sire,

I hope this missive finds you well as you were of ill temper when we last parted ways. I have had long to reflect on the happenings of that day and in the years intervening. It is abundantly clear to me there was a misunderstanding in our parting, but that misunderstanding is of no consequence now.

When you brought me into the fold, taught me and nurtured me, you instilled upon me the need for respect and duty. These two things were things I knew and understood well. I attended you and learned quickly that which you set upon me. Even before you had gifted me, I put your life afore mine own as was the right and tradition of all the women in my line.

What the last few years have shown me is that there was either a failing in that teaching, or in your faith of your ability as a teacher. Had I not done as you bid? Had I not followed all your portents, paid debts and tributes and given honor to you as was right and good as a childer might her sire?

I built my princedom, fledgling as it was, in your name an your honor, as was my duty. I built so that I might better assist and support you in any manner you may require.

And still, when you came to me with a request that questioned my loyalty, devotion to you and your teachings, I could naught but sit, in shock and repeat unto you the very lessons you drilled into me not two centuries earlier.

I had hoped the reminder of those lessons would have proven that I not only knew, accepted and supported your position, and did honor to it, but that I would be finally seen as a true, respected, ally. One you would be glad to have.

It has become apparent, though your actions which are entirely known to me, that you not only doubt the teachings, you doubt your abilities as well. Your demand, albeit phrased as a request, was proof of your fear and insecurity. You have spent a goodly amount of effort to undermine the power base that I had built in your honor. Your efforts alone have removed an ally that would have given you succor without question.

As much as I might love and honor you sire, there are limits to my abilities. I cannot protect you from yourself.

Ever thy childe,


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